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Hip Hop and the truth behind it at times…..

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Rhymefest finds homeless father after 25 years "In MynFather'sHouse"( – My first encounter with Che Smith, the Chicago-based Grammy and Oscar winning songwriter/rapper often referred to as Rhymefest, was historic. As I launched the nation’s first online Black radio station, BlackPressRadio, my first interview was with Rhymefest.

In full disclosure, prior to the interview I thought Rhymefest was an event not a person. About 5 minutes before the interview, I printed off one page from the Internet on him and that’s all I had to go on.

Talking with Rhymefest was mesmerizing. That man can talk. But it wasn’t just what he said but how he said it that made me realize he was special. Over the years, I developed a knack for recognizing talent and interviewing the person – usually before anyone really cares. In our 20 or so minutes of conversation, Rhyme converted me from a journalist who like a little…

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Photo Credit: Maurice White

Shoe Exhibit is a brand that has found its niche in the supply and demand shoe industry. The creation of the product is to help its customers organize their shoes for easy grabbing and easy storing. The product is a dream come true for many people that are obsessed with their shoes keeping it shapes, not wanting to keep it in the box, and being reminded everyday of its quality, by the way it is stored after wearing. Shoe Exhibit stopped by CLassIs to discuss its brand, success and how it started as a brand.

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Photo Credit: Maurice White

CLassIs:  How did you get inspired to name your business Shoe Exhibit, and why?

Shoe Exhibit: I always thought my product would look good walking into my bedroom.I always wanted to walk in my room and see my shoes displayed like I was walking inside Foot Locker or any type of shoe store. It was a Shoe Exhibit and that is how I came up with the name.

CLassIs:  Where is Shoe Exhibit from?

Shoe Exhibit: Shoe Exhibit is from Baltimore, Maryland. 

CLassIs: How long have you been in business?

Shoe Exhibit: I have been in business since the end of 2014.

CLassIs: Do you see yourself expanding in the near future, and why?

Shoe Exhibit: Yes I see myself expanding in the future. Shoe Exhibit expands everyday. I network, and sell products every week.

CLassIs: Who have you collaborated with in designs or artistic talent( writers, photographers, events, etc…?

Shoe Exhibit: I recently just did my first sneaker convention in Harrisburg, Pa. It was a very good experience. I was humbled to be accepted by the Sneaker Community. It’s a culture within


CLassIs: How has your sales been?

Shoe Exhibit: 2014 to April 2015, I had no sales because I didn’t have them for sale at the time. However, from May 2015  up to now, sales have been climbing but not as quick as anticipated.

CLassIs: Who are the faces of Shoe Exhibit?

Shoe Exhibit: The faces of Shoe Exhibit is everyone. We all wear shoes and this product is for everyone. Any gender any culture any religion. There is no direct consumer with Shoe Exhibit. Everyone is welcomed.

CLassIs: What inspires you to continue to create/innovate Shoe Exhibit designs, and will there be other designs?

Shoe Exhibit: I have a new design I am currently working on now. Of course, I will take it through the patent process first. My current design is patent and that is how I would like my next design to be as well.

CLassIs: Do you travel to get inspired?  

Shoe Exhibit: My inspiration comes from idle time thinking. Most of it is done, while I’m driving. Thinking about how I can expand the company and make this a household name. I know this isn’t for everyone and I understand that but I figure if I can get 3 out of 10 people to purchase one, well let’s just say “I done did my job” LOL

Shoe Exhibit is a luxury product for those that love quality and love to be organized. The product represents passion for quality that he saw for himself and used to share his passion with others. To shop Shoe exhibit contacts are below.

Instagram: @shoe_exhibit; Email: